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Quietly she walked out of the store and headed back home. During the whole walk she was on her top gaurd just in case any of the reporters were following her. Once Usagi reached her house she was relieved nobody was at her house with a camera. "I hope the girls aren't too worried about me..." The wet blonde grabbed the key from her pocket and unlocked her door and opened it finally.

Once More

As Usagi opened the door she saw a light from the living room flash on and off to different colors. It had still smelled like coffee from the afternoon which she forgot to drink. "Oh and I left the t.v. on to." Usagi complained as she wiped off the makeup with a paper towel in the kitchen. She put her coat on a kitchen chair and took off her shirt which had a small black tanktop that had small straps under it. She kicked off her shoes and put it in a closet. Then she put down her keys onto the counter and sighed. Usagi threw the coffee jar into the sink and went into the living room grabbing her cup and also threw that in the sink. "Oh and I spilt the coffee to..." The blonde looked at the floor and decided not to bother with it.

As Usagi shut off the televison she was thinking of her encounter with Chibi-Usa and Helios. "My daughter...what have they done to my baby..." She placed a hand on her stomach which is where Chibi-Usa was suppose to be in. All the blonde could do was to stare blankly at a wall this was too much and in such little time. After about ten minutes she heard the front door open. "Minako is that you?" She wondered because time to time Minako would drop on by and she had a spare key to Usagi's house.

Curiously the pigtailed girl walked to the door and it wasn't Minako that she had seen staring at her infront of the door. There were four figures that were quite familiar to her. She gasped and stared at the figures one was a female with amber colored hair with a bright red dress on and a small crown that was golden tinted. A guy with long silver hair with tight black pants and a buttoned up white shirt had been standing to the girl's left side. To her right was a man with brunette hair that wore a red buttoned up shirt with brown pants. Behind the woman was a man that Usagi absolutly adored and had the strongest connection with. He had long black hair with a blue buttoned up shirt and blue pants.

"Odango..." The man with the black hair called Usagi and walked infront of her seeing deep in her eyes that she was pained but glad to see him. The bue eyed couple were both in shock and their eyes had seemed to talk to eachother for awhile. Usagi was the first one to break the long silence.

"Seyia! I've missed you so much! All of you!" Usagi cried out and hugged Seyia very tightly crying onto his shoulder. "You've been gone for so long."

The woman looked over to her two comrades that were next to her, "Taiki, go on I know you want to see Ami hurry up now.'' She had been talking to the guy in the brunette hair. "Yaten you to go to Minako you need to all comfort them." She had her face turned toward the silver headed man. "I will be at the old place if you decide to come back." With that her and her two comrades left.

"Odango I have missed you to." Seyia gently placed a hand on her head and her back. "It's okay now I'm here I'll protect you now." His eyes began to become glossy just by seeing his lost one-sided love.

"I thought I wouldn't ever see you again!" She cried holding onto his shirt tightly. Usagi held him tighter as she sobbed more deeply. "You got that messege..."

"Come on don't cry I don't like seeing you cry. I'm here now I'll be with you now." Seyia smiled and lifted her chin up to look at him. "Odango now now please smile for me."

"You're here..." Usagi nodded and smiled him and then she closed her eyes. "Please keep a promise to me, don't leave us ever." She stared blankly at his chest she couldn't believe he was standing infront of her.

"Yes, I promise you that...why has Odango been crying more than usual?" He gently intertwined his hand with hers and went upstairs and went to find Usagi's room. After a few seconds he got his way around and found her room.

"Don't go in there my parents room is right...there." She pointed to the room across the hall. As he walked her there they passed Chibi-Usa's room and she cringed slightly. "Seyia, how did you get here anyway?" She wanted to avoid the question desperatly.

Seyia gently set her on the bed and nodded no, "A secret I'll never tell." He grinned slightly then got serious, "Now Odango...what's on your mind your eyes are too puffy and you aren't as bubbly." The black haired man sat next to her and stared at her with a very concerned look.

"Alot of things are on my mind. Just please I don't want to talk about this. I just want to cherish this...you being here." Usagi reached for his hand when he noticed the ring on her finger.

Seyia moved away and rejected the hand Usagi gave him. "You're engaged. Is it to...Mamoru?" He wondered looking away from her and looked a bit dejected and confused.

She looked sadly down at her finger and removed the finger and placed it on the dresser next to her. "I was, now we aren't I guess." Usagi began tearing up seeing him and thinking of Mamoru and Setsuna. "Please just ignore it there is nothing going on between us anymore. It's just us no more of him anymore." The blonde hair looked at him and placed a hand on his cheek.

"Odango, come on go to bed you look exhausted tell me what happened a bit.'' He scooted in the bed and wrapped his arm around her comforting her.

Thinking earlier in the day she decided to tell him about the reporters. "Well there was a group of reporters and they are starting to think...I'm Sailor Moon. Also they talked about you guys." She cuddled up to his chest lightly.

"Oh really? How were they getting on how your Sailor Moon?" Seyia wondered trying to have Usagi unwind and feel better. He didn't want to see the upsetted side of Usagi and he had wanted her to feel happier.

"They noticed similarities because of the looks. I have the buns on my head, blonde hair, and what not." Usagi sighed and poked her pigtailed buns ontop of her head.

"Oh but I love your little odangos." Seyia laughed and squeezed one lightly. "So what did they say about us?" He smiled as Usagi slapped his hand lightly.

Usagi sighed lightly, "How you disappeared and stuff..." She remembered that they had mentioned a rumor affair between them and really didn't want to talk about relationships now.

"Is there something your not telling me on what else they said." Seyia wondered as he placed a hand on her head. "Could you tell me or is it a small secret?"

"They talked about an affair between us which I said it was completely untrue." Usagi smiled slightly, but looked away feeling better on the inside and out she was so happy that Seyia was there to comfort her. "Come on let's go to bed I'm tired now." Usagi pulled the covers over them.

Seyia knew something else had been wrong with his Odango, but he decided to leave it alone. He had her back and in his arms once more. That is what he wanted for those three years. He decided tomorrow he would find out what really happened to this poor girl. He held her tightly and fell asleep with her.

Yaten smiled very happy to see Minako once more after three years. "I wonder if she has her singing career going still." He knocked on Minako's door lightly and waited a few seconds when he had heard the door unlocked and a smiling blonde girl approached the door. She was wearing a yellow shirt with a bow wrapped around it. She was weaing very tight skinney jeans.

"Yaten! Where did you come from!" Minako wrapped her arm around his waist and squeeled. "Is this really you!" She hugged him a bit too hard which made Yaten tighten up a bit.

"Yes, Minako hey there to you also." Yaten laughed at her and hugged her back gently. "I'm pretty sure I'm here." He tounched his shirt and smiled at her.

"Come inside it's cold out there." She grabbed his hand and dragged him in and looked around first. She closed the door gently behind him and laughed nerveously. "Yaten I can't believe your here! How were you able to get here!" She helped him take off his shoes and grabbed his arm.

"Well my princess wanted me to be happy so we came on Earth." He smiled at her and kicked his shoes to the side. "Have you been advancing in your singing career.

"Oh, sort of but I stopped because of Usagi and things happening it's stressful." Minako sighed and brought him to the livingroom. "Anyways, you're happy being here? Oh should I feel special that you came all the way back because of me?" She laid a hand on his chest lightly and lifted up her foot.

"Now I didn't necesarily say it was you I came back for." Yaten laughed and kissed her lightly. "I miss this, she was the reason on why I haven't given up in life. She is my reason to keep on going..."

"Aw Yaten that was mean I think I'm going to cry now." Minako covered her face and pretended to cry but couldn't help laughing. "Now you are going to have to makeup for that mean comment.

"Oh now how am I ever going to have Ms. Minako forgive my action?" He put his hands on her waist gently. Yaten lifted her up onto the counter and looked at her.

"Well I could think of a few things." Minako whispered looking at him and wrapped her legs around him. "Which I believe could pleasure the two of us." She twirled her fingers on his chest lightly.

"Hmm seems I have to find out these certain things..." He lifted her up and went to the couch and laid her down gently. Yaten laughed and kissed her once more.

"Mhmm I think that would be very good of you to do, but you know there is a bed down the hall." Minako looked at him and put her hair behind her ear. "I love my bed much better than this bumpy couch.

"Alright we'll go." Yaten lifted her back up and looked at her. "Well then where is the sweet lady Minako's bedroom?" He had smiled so brightly which he hadn't done for about three years.

Minako giggled and pointed to her bedroom which was right down the hall. ''Right there." She was very excited but a bit flabergasted on his return to Earth.

Yaten opened the door and quickly closed it behind them. "Minako I'm sorry I have been away from you for so long." He laid her gently down onto the bed and kissed her roughly. Well needless to say they hadn't gotten out of the room for the rest of the night.

Taiki nerveously approached the door and fixed up his shirt. "Hey wait this is so original I want to do something else...I've got it!" The brunette hair guy brought out his old cell phone an looked through his contacts. "It's been awhile since I have used this old thing." He mumbled and called Ami's house phone number.

'Hello?' A female voice picked up the phone who sounded very gentle and had just woken up from her little slumber .

'Come outside' Taiki responded trying to add some mysterious tone in his voice.

'Excuse me but who is this?' Ami wondered curiously as she held the phone with two hands sitting up in her bed.

'Sailor Mercury how could you forget my voice?' Taiki laughed softly and looked up at a window which he had expected to be her bedroom.

'Is this another repor- wait I've heard your voice before' Ami gasped at the thought of who it was. 'Taiki? Is this you?' She was eager and anxious hoping it was him.

'Open your front door and you can confirm yourself who it is.' Taiki smiled and wandered away not wanting to show himself too quickly to the girl.

Ami smiled and complied she opened her door slowly, 'Alright the door is opened now can I see your face?' The blue haired girl looked all over the place but found nothing.

'Look up' Taiki repsonded laughing slightly. He had quickly teleported into the room staring at her in a corner. The brunette haired man had gotten much of his skills from being a Sailor Soldier.

'Hmm I still see nothing' Ami sighed getting impatient. Suddenly she gasped and dropped her phone once she felt a strong body lift her off her feet.

"Here I am Ami." Taiki laughed and carried her inside. "I thought you would suspect where I would be." He set her back down on her tiled floor.

"Well excuse me on being wrong." Ami blushed and jumped down and picked up her phone. "It's been quite awhile hasn't it Taiki?" She put a hand ontop of her left arm and stared at him. Lightly she closed the door behind Taiki. "You can take off your shoes if you'd like."

As the gentleman he was he complied to what she said and decided to remove his shoes from his feet. "Ami..." He had a very lingering stare to her eyes and didn't ever want to look away again.

"Yes, Taiki?" Ami didn't know how to express her feelings she had inside. The short-haired girl stepped a bit closer to him. "It's been too long I haven't...had this tingling feeling in such a long time..." She stared back at him as she had thought to herself.

"I've missed you, nothing has ever been the same way without you." Taiki smiled gently at her and hugged her gently. "I didn't mean to be away from you this long I had tried to come back sooner for you."

"Oh Taiki, I feel the same way. I've waited and waited I didn't think you would ever come back. I could never speak up because I've had so many things in my life happen..." Ami smiled softly her tears began slowly driping out.

"Of course I'd come back for you. No girl stuck out to me like you did, and you are my special one." Taiki took her hand and walked her to the couch as the both sat down with Ami on the outside.

"Yeah, you seemed to point out also." Ami laughed softly and sat down next to him with her eyes falling. "We were just so different from everyone else."

"Alright, I can tell you are sleepy go on to bed." Taiki smiled and laid her down on the couch and went to find a blanket that was on another couch.

Ami nodded and took the blanket and pointed to another long couch. "Could you...sleep next to me please...Just hold me..." She blushed and cuddled with the blanket.

"Of course I will." He moved to couch next to hers so the two face one another. As Taiki laid down next to her he wrapped his arm around her waist.

"Thank you..." She curled up into a small ball and had her face under his neck. Slowly Ami fell asleep with Taiki stroking her hair gently to help her fall asleep.

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''Kitten he has already arrived hasn't he?'' Haruka sounded a bit upset she had been in her bedroom all alone. The dirty blonde haired girl had sat on the side of the bed with a hand on her hair frustrated.

"Oh Minako their affair was suppose to be a secret don't be so obvious!" Yaten yelled for the reporters to hear. He snickered slightly which made Seiya laugh a bit.

"You guys I'm still wondering...what Yaten was talking about I know she is a good friend to the sailor scouts but, he looked quite serious." Ami bit the side of her finger gently as she looked at Usagi's wonderful dress.

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