Usagi looked up then around the room, "Show yourself Helios! Their Princess has done nothing to you! What do you want from her!" She yelled out attacking the walls with her septer and managed to get herself away from Fighter.

"Serenity please don't run off they could be anywhere!" Michiru shouted out and ran swiftly to Usagi's side. "Setsuna, Hotaru! It's quite pitiful that you must hide from us." She smirked and held onto Usagi's shoulders.

"Princess! Please hold on I'll save you somehow!" Fighter cried out hopping ontop of objects. "Please fight back for us for me Healer and Maker. Also the people of our planet remember them!" She pounded on the floor sinking onto her knees.

"Hold it together!" Haruka slapped fighter across her face roughly. "How do you expect Neptune and I leave you with Serenity and protect her when you lose control. Now is the time to choose one Pincess. It's either that woman there or the woman you love deeply." Uranus looked sternly at Fighter and brought her off the floor by grabbing her wrists.

"Leave Seyia alone! How could he choose something like that. Don't make him choose like this. Kakyuu listen to him I'll find a way to rescue you!" Usagi ran around and in the middle of the room she exclaimed, "Come out Mamoru! You're coward along with Setsuna! You stole my baby I cannot ever forgive you! Come out and show yourselv-" What had appeared infron of Usagi shocked everyone in the room.

A small woman with black hair and a small star upon her forehead. Her midnight colored hair reached down the her lower back and her eyes had being glowing pure gold also. She wore a flowing dress with a small silver tiara upon her head. Her dress was flowing red and white with earings made out of diamonds. "Why hello there Usagi, Michiru, Haruka, and how could I forget, Seyia."

"Luna? Is that really you?" Usagi's eyes widened and took a step closer to her friend. She had been too shocked to say anything else to her old feline friend.

"Of course it's me Usagi. You remember the time you had turned me human." She placed a hand gently on the side of Usagi's cheek. "The only difference is that i have a little star. If you think this is quite a shock you will be in a worse state later on." Luna smiled widely and backed away and looked up. "Wicked Lady I think she is ready for this small shock at least. Helios protect our Lady and make sure nothing goes wrong." With that she hopped away.

"Usagi! Move now it's a trap!" Haruka yelled out and tackled Usagi to the ground before she could take a step forward. "They want you to turn to them. Don't fall for their illusions they want to strike pain into your heart. Ignore them just listen to the beat of your heart and the pureness in them." Uranus hugged her blonde haired friend tightly.

"Fighter help Uranus!" With that Neptune pulled out a mirror from thin air. "Uranus we will have to be on our own. Serenity isn't ready to fight this thing quite yet." She ran next to her partner who tried to help Usagi from losing it.

"No! I want my baby! They stole her I am fighting for her!" Serenity broke away and saw infront of her a sight she had never wanted to see twice. "Chibi-Usa, no..." She saw a darker appearance of her small precious daughter. The pink haired little girl was now a skinny petite woman who wore all black. Behind the girl's bangs was a very dark star also similar to Luna's.

"Hello there Serenity glad to see you again. Oh have you started trouble. Havig me coming back out and doing dirty work not a very good mother I think." The wicked Lady laughed as she saw Usagi crumble down to her knees. "Also I am engaged to my Helios." Next to her appeared a much older version of Helios. He had a bigger build and now was taller. He looked quite the same as before, but he seemed to have a darker aura around him. "Enough with them Helios. Seperate them I want to talk to Sere-"

"Leave her alone!" Fighter yelled out and charged at Wicked Lady. She could not just sit there and do nothing while her princess suffered. Also seeing poor Usagi crumble and cry on her knees.

"No Fighter she is my daughter!" Usagi quickly got up and stepped infront of Wicked Lady and Helios. "I would do anything for her, but I don't want any harm towards her!" She yelled and looked at Haruka and Michiru. "You also leave my baby alone she doesn't mean this...You're under a certain control, but we ca-"

"Helios now, seperate them, father and I wanted to talk to Fighter and Serenity ourselves. Also mummy Setsu and sissy Hotaru wanted to talk to Haruka and Michiru." Wicked Lady laughed ad peered over Usagi's shoulder and waved. "Goodbye Haruka and Michiru!"


Sailor Mecury followed the larger footsteps then suddenly they had disappeared. The trail had let to a spot where there was absolutly no snow. "Taiki! Where are you...I didn't mean to. I need to get out of this blizzard. Maybe Motoki has his store open still." She quickly ran down the streets to a small little food shop. "There it is!" Ami didn't bother to transform to her human form. "Excuse me Mr." Of course she had to play the part of a Sailor scout who knew nothing about this man.

"Yes, no way! Your Sailor Mercury! Umm what would you like come sit down right her." Motoki was quite a nerveous wreck considered he was in the presence of somebody who was well known.

"No, Motoki I know you quite well." The sailor scout scanned the room and sighed in relief that it was completely deserted. "Come here now I must tell you something." She dragged him to the back of the shop and whispered, "I am Ami Mizuno before you ask questions have you seen Sailor Star Maker or Taiki Kou?"

"Ami, I haven't seen them anywhere. How is this possible, you're a Sailor Scout. I never thought-the reporters were right." Motoki looked down and thought out loud. "Ami Mizuno I should've know." He smiled and laughed a bit looking closer at Ami.

"Yes yes, just keep it a secret." The woman put a finger to her lips. "I am looking for Sailor Star Maker and Taiki Kou. Please if you see either of them tell me it's very importan-" She whipped her head around once Ami had heard a bell sound which had meant somebody had entered the shop.

"Mercury there you are! I was so worried!" Venus cried out and tackled her friend to the ground embracing her tightly. "What are you doing here? Where is Taiki and-Motoki!" She was talking so much at once that she hadn't relized her male friend ha been there.

Healer walked towards Motoki and helped him up. "Who is he you guys?" She pushed Motoki against the wall and looked him in the eyes. "What should we do with-"

"Yaten put him down he is a friend!" Ami yelled at Healer and smiled slightly, "I'm sorry Motoki that's Yaten Kou and you know Venus who is Minako Aino. Yes guys I told him it was about time he found out anyway." She looked at Motoki's face then suddenly came back to reality. "Oh, I have to go, Venus Healer we have to find Maker now!" With that the three left Motoki all alone to stand there in shock.

"Ami you told him really? Ugh, well for now we will go and find Taiki. What happened in the first place? Why did he leave the place anywa-" Healer stopped talking when he saw Ami's face become more dull as they ran.

"Yaten you need to learn on when to stop talking. Ami is sensitive. Well we'll find him first then we will discuss about this when things are brighter and not so dull." Minako smiled and took a hold of her friend's arm. "Don't worry we'll find him."

As Healer was in deep thought as they ran he suddenly stopped which caused the other girls to turn back for him. "I know where he is! Ami, Minako he should be at Juuban High School where you have met. Come on he probably won't stay there long!" With that they ran as fast as they could with Ami infront dashing towards her past school.

"When we get to the school let's go hide. They will need time to be alone anyway." Minako whispered to Healer as the were closer to the school. "Wow, it's so small from before...It seems so long ago when I was the only Sailor Scout." She looked at the school and lowered her eyes remembering the older days.

"Taiki!" Ami shouted out seeing Maker open the door and heading inside. It had seemed forever for Mercury to reach the doors of her old school. "I'm sorry guys I have to go!" She yelled out as she dashed inside looking around. "Where are you!"

"Ami you told me yourself why don't I just leave. I did as you wanted, but you have seemed to caught up to me. All I am trying to do is to fufill that wish." Maker said over the intercoms on the school walls.

"I want my wish to change. You know even for such intellegent people like us we have our flaws and such. Besides this is just nonesense this is childish." Ami shouted and ran to the main ofice where she had expected to see him. What she had found was a completely empty room. As if he had taken everything and placed it into another room.

"Mercury why don't you just go back yourself. Don't worry about me besides I will hold you back from you fufuilling your dream." Maker sighed hearing an echo of Ami's voice throughout the school.

"No, you would help me just by being here on Earth. I can't fight alone with the scouts we need support and you three." Ami placed a hand gently on her heart. "You're appearance gives me a warm feeling. Something that I thought was only in movies. If you are to leave, I know I won't ever to be able to have this feeling again. Please I need you Taiki." She wiped off a tear that slid down her cheek midway.


Healer saw how upset Minako had looked recapping her past. "Hey there cheer up." She lifted her chin up slightly. "If you were the only scout then you wouldn't have those wonderful friends to look after you."

Minako nodded then sighed, "I'm sure those two are alright. The thing that bothers me is where Seyia and Usagi are. I mean...I don't believe I had seen them when I went to Taiki's room." She tried to remember in the moment of panic she had been in.