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"You guys I'm still wondering...what Yaten was talking about I know she is a good friend to the sailor scouts but, he looked quite serious." Ami bit the side of her finger gently as she looked at Usagi's wonderful dress.

"We'll see for ourselves Ami!" Usagi smiled trying to get her cheery mood back. "Let's hurry before they wonder where we went." She picked up her dress and ran down the hall with her heels clicking and clacking on the tiles.


As Usagi reached the room she found out that the door had been wide opened. Ami was the first one to walk in the Minako and Usagi. The three girl saw Princess Kakyuu sitting on a tall stool with Seiya, Taiki, and Yaten sitting on a couch staring at the three girls.

"I'm sorry did we intrude on something?" Ami apologized noticing a strange look in the light's eyes. They had hidden sorrow, anger, and hope within their eyes. Of course Ami had been the only one to see this because she was very knowledgible so she pointed this out. Also something was in Princess Kakyuu's eyes it was almost confident and another emotion Ami could quite understand.

"Oh no not at all ladies. Come right in we were just making small talk." Princess Kakyuu smiled kindly and hopped off the stool. She had her hair up in a bun up high with hair flowing down. She was wearing Yaten's shirt which was a black buttoned up shirt. Then she wore her own blue shorts.
"Boys I'll be downtown if you need me, have fun." With that the princess left a bit in a hurry and in her hand a strange pink bear keychain in her hand. To Usagi it looked very familiar, but she cannot remember where she had seen it from. Before she had left she had whispered to the girls, "For the time they have at least..." The three men sat on the couch with a shocked expression on their face. They said nothing and just looked down to the velveted carpet floor.

"What happened you guys?" Usagi wondered noticing the negative energy the three bodies gave off. "What did she mean?" She twirled around and stared at the door which had slammed shut.

"Princess Serenity..." Seyia whispered and looked up showing Usagi his lonesome eyes as she turned back around. "Taiki, Yaten go on and take them. I need to talk to Odango myself." He looked at them and they nodded slowly. Minako was taken to Yaten's room and Taiki with Ami to his own bedroom. "Odango there are somethings myself I have to explained to you..." He sighed and went up to her and stared blankly into her eyes.

"What is it that you have to tell me?" The blonde backed up slightly but bumped int the living room wall by the door. "Why are your eyes so, empty and emotionless?"

Seyia nodded no and smiled, "Odango I don't know how to react after this shock from my princess. Please forgive me..." He grabbed the both of her hands and gently kised her lips.

"What's wrong Seyia. Please tell me...you can trust me." Usagi smiled back very uncertain and slipped to the side unsure about Seyia's strange attitude.

"Princess Kakyuu wants an arranged marriage for me. Taiki and Yaten can travel where they want anywhere but here. She says there is evil within this Earth and it is very dangerous which is stronger than Galaxia's power." Seiya looked down at her hands and sighed.

"No, I don't want to fight anymore. Why can't we al just be at peace and stop this foolish fighting. It's my destiny that always gets in the way isn't it? You arrived and messed with my destiny now this." Usagi turned away from him and walked to the window staring out of it sadly. City lights were glowing brightly onto her pale face.

"Odango, it isn't your fault at all people just...don't have as much sanity as others do. Even if I hadn't come back for you would you have ever forgotten about us?" Seyia wondered his voice crackling very slightly.

"I wouldn't have, I couldn't have, and also Mamo-chan...Seyia you need to come with me. Not with the clumsy and foolsh Usagi but with the elegant princess Serenity. I want to go to his apartment there are a few things I need to finish there and I need more strength than my own." Usagi closed her eyes tightly and held onto one of her arms. "Chibi-Usa I'll save you from them..." She whispered opening her eyes sadly and turned to Seyia slowly.

"Of course, Princess Serentiy..." Seyia bowed down and then transformed into his sailor form with a blink of Usagi's eye. She had no interest on asking how he had done that so she had left it alone.

"Come on we need to make a quick exit or else the paparazzi of yours will find us here." Usagi was quite serious and ran out of the room and went around to the back.

"Here follow me I know a way!" Sailor Star Fighter yelled as she ran upstairs to the rooftop. "If we hop over to that building we can jump all the way down. Here I'll go first then I'll help you out." With that said she sprinted off of the rooftop and onto a small building. The black haired girl landed perfectly standing up on both feet. "Alright I'll catch you!"

Usagi nodded and gulped loudly then whispered, "I have to do this for my daughter...nothing but for her!" The pigtailed blonde hopped off the building with her eyes closed securly knowing Seyia would catch her.

As Taiki set Ami down on his bed he looked into her eyes knowing something was very wrong with him. Before she could question him, he sighed, "I'm sorry Ami I cannot tell you this conversation. My princess told us that we can't tell anyone even the one's that are the closest to us." His sorrow had shown in his words and almost seemed to stab Ami deeply in her heart.

"Why can't I know this I mean the princess and us scouts have a peace between us. Also Princess Serenity deserves to know along with her fellow scouts." Ami said firmly looking at him and the got away from him. "Taiki you really are strong, but Seyia is much stronger, he can at least disobey his princess. I know him well enough to expect he will tell Usagi this. It is very predicable, and your princess also probably expects that you and Yaten are so good that you wouldn't dare tell us!" She yelled at him with a straight face and seemed to be stronger than him on the mental side.

"Ami! Please! I don't want to do this! I'm sure you would keep secrets for Usagi wouldn't you?" He yelled at her and then sighed rubbing his temples. "I don't want to fight now I just came back. I want to make you happy not upset and angry."

"Then tell me! What is so secretive that you aren't telling me? If it were Usagi I would tell my fellow scouts that I trust the most. Unless you don't trust me, then...I don't see any reason for you to remain on Earth any longer." Ami looked away from him and had a fist to her side.

"You...you don't mean that. Ami, fine if you would like me gone then I will go if that is what will make you happy!" Taiki yelled at her angrily he really didn't want to leave her side but it had seemed to come to that in his mind.

"Taiki don't, I didn't mean-" Ami looked up and expected to see Taiki with teary eyes staring at her. Unfortunatly all she had seen was the window open and the curtains flowing in the cold wind. "No, he...I'm sorry..." She ran to the window and yelled, "Taiki! I'm sorry..." The girl shivered and turned into Sailor Mercury with tears flowing down. "I'll find you I didn't mean to say those words Taiki." She jumped out of the window ignoring the weather and began searching for him.

Yaten took both of Minako's hands and brought her into his room. "Well Minako seems things are a bit tragic for the both of us. Usagi isn't happy and my princess is different."

"How so? She did seem the slightest bit off, but what I can't get over was the negative energy you and the boys gave off. What is up with that?" Minako asked sitting him down on his bed and then sat next to him.

"It's a personal thing, something that is going to stay between my fellow scouts from my planet." Yaten smiled at her hoping she would understand where he had been coming from.

"Oh, well I'm sorry if it's really bad..." Minako slightly gave him a warming smile back then sighed, "Yeah, Usagi isn't in the brightest spot of her life currently. Could I, tell you what is happening to her? She is containing so much and so am I."

"Of course Minako you can tell me." Yaten tenderly kissed her cheek as he laid them both down on the bed. "Also I would like to know about Princess Serenity."

"She and Momaru aren't together anymore...He inpregnated Setsuna which will end up being, Chibi-Usa. Also now I believe Chibi-Usa, Hotaru, Setsuna, Momaru, and an old friend named Helios are against us now." Minako sighed ugging him tightly. Suddenly she heard loud screams from the other room which sounded like Ami and Taiki arguing. "Yaten, we have to check up on Ami she is very sensitive." She popped out of his arms and dashed for the room not waiting for him.

"Alright Mi-" Yaten got up shortly after her and headed to the room. What he had found was Minako by the window yelling out Taiki and Ami. "Minako what happened?" He rushed to her side and brought her back inside.

"I don't know...she just jumped out of the window yelling his name. We have to find them Yaten!" She yelled out and then transformed into her sailor form with Yaten. "Come on we might be able to catch up to them by following their footsteps." Minako took a hold of Healer's hand and they bolted out the window.

"Odango I have you, you can open your eyes now." Fighter laughed with Usagi in her arms frightend as ever. "We need to get a move on before this blizzard gets any worse." She squinted her eyes at Usagi who slowly opened her eyes.

"Oh, of course how silly. It's a couple of blocks down." Princess Serenity jumped out of her arms and headed to the apartment building. She was a tad bit faster than Fighter was. The odango haired girl was quite confident that she was ready to face Momaru now that she had Seyia by her side.

"Hey Odango! Wait up you'll fall over with this wind kicking up." Fighter yelled out worried about her female friend. "Come here we have to stick close or else we'll lose eachother. I've made a promise so that will never happen alright?" She smiled at her and took a good hold on Usagi's hand as they jumped closer to the building.

"Hey! Neptune Uranus!" Usagi waved out as her and Fighter landed next to her fellow scouts. "What are you two doing here? Why are you here?" She had her eyes wide opened and approached the two letting go of Fighter's hand.

"Hello kitten. I should ask the same on why you are here. This is no place for the princess to be." Haruka smiled and patted Serenity on her head. "Me and Neptune are here to find Saturn and Pluto."

"Yes, I see...fighter is here to." Michiru grinned and looked over her shoulder to take a better look at fighter. "Well you are going to be put to the test if you are worthy to me and Uranus." She placed a hand on Haruka's shoulder and smiled, "Let's get a move on, Princess, please stick close." Her eyes slightly narrowed in Seyia's direction.

"Oh, of course I will." She smiled and nodded holding Seyia's hand once more. "I wanted to see...Mamo-chan again Neptune. He has something to him that keeps me drawn to him no matter what happens between us."

"It's called your old destiny and the scraps of love deary. Now, show us where, the prince lives." Michiru rolled her eyes and ran up the stairs with Usagi leading.

"Stop here. This is his room, Fighter...I don't know if I can do this any-" Usagi began to get frightend remembering about her dream once again. Thankfully her friends had surronded her and comforted her by smiling and placing a hand on her shoulder.

"Stay back...scouts." Haruka looked over at Fighter then kicked down the door. "Complete silence and darkness...stick close they could be anywhere." She was infront of everyone with Michiru following her close behind. Suddenly on the wall was Chibi-Usa crying with fear in her eyes.

"Chibi-Usa! No!" Usagi yelled out in pain and tried to reach out for her, but was held back from her scouts. "Move I have to save my daughter! Don't you see they are hurting her!"

"No! Serenity it's a trick...a painful one to watch also. Momaru wouldn't dare hurt his own child. We have to find them first to save her." Uranus said confidently scanning the room holding a hand out so no one took any steps further.

"Odango she'll be okay. Just relax and focus on our objective." Fighter squeezed Usagi's hand tightly. "Just block her out, where is Momaru's room? That should lead us there."

"You two head to his room along with the bathroom. Neptune and I will search the rest of this apartment." Haruka smiled and held onto Neptune's arm and whispered, "Stay close for me." The blue haired scout nodded and placed a hand on Uranus's arm.

They watched Fighter leave with Serenity which was a sight so rare without them being split apart. "Stick with our plan Uranus we can't hurt anyone else. Chibi-Usa, I'm sorry..." Michiru went back-to-back with Haruka and scanned the room.

"Fighter, I'm frightend it's so dark..." Usagi remembered where a light switch had been so she dragged Fighter there. Unfortunatly the lights had gone out from the blizzard being so harsh. "The lights are out..." She looked around in Momaru's bedroom and spotted something on the bed.

"Odango stay behind me. It could be any of those sick-" Fighter decided not to finish her sentence for Usagi's sake. "Show yourself! You cowards!" She yelled out holding onto Serenity's waist.

"Me a coward? You possibly." A female voiced laughed as something slowly rose up on the bed. "Well my Mamo-chan doesn't think so, also pet names are too immature anyways. He tells me I am more stronger than that princess want to be you have there Seyia or I should say Fighter."

"Setsuna! Shut up!" Usagi yelled out angrily. She had kept this anger inside of her too long. "I don't care about that man anymore! I can't care for him knowing that he would choose a slut like you." As soon as she had said that another voice came from behind her which was a low male voice.

"Usa, those aren't very quite words." Suddenly the door had slammed behind Fighter and Usagi. "I believe you should apologize to Mrs. Setsuna Chiba."

"Leave her alone Mamoru! You are not the Prince I have met long ago who was gentle to my Odango. Instead you have become as worse as Galaxia. May I remind you that you are being so-" Fighter argued but suddenly the lights flashed on and they seemed to be in a differnt place.

The walls were painted deep red it was about the size of a football field. They were still in their forms of a sailor scout and princess which relieved them a bit. On the other side of the room was Sailor Neptune and Uranus wandering around confused. "Well Fighter if you think this is unfair wait until what we have in store for you." Another male voice chuckled from the shadows.

"Fighter! Where are you, it's so dark!" A female girl yelled out pleading and crying. Above the scouts on the ceiling was a woman with Amber colored hair. She had been blind-folded with a black piece of cloth. Her hair dangled down and she was wearing small shorts and a male's buttoned top. "Save me star lights listen to my voice!" They could not reach that particular woman for she had been in a glass box in the ceiling almost pinned to that wall.